The Cake Professor (TM)

A word about Pricing
Prices are highly dependent on the type of cake or dessert you would like. As a guide, Wedding cakes range in price from $3.50 to $8.00 per serving, most between $4.50 and $7.00 per serving. Cupcakes begin at $2.25 each, and $24.00 per dozen but discounts may apply for large orders. Sheet cakes in buttercream begin at $85, and small tiered cakes begin at $150.00.  A full range of dessert prices are available upon consultation, and begin at $1.50 each in quantities of one dozen.

Most of our customers choose one of our popular flavors such as Wedding White (written up in Yelp Columbia on the Columbia Food Tour), Pink Velvet, Salted Carmel, English Lemon Curd, or Dark Chocolate. Each is available with our amazing real American Buttercream Icing, or our real European Style Buttercream icing.  We also provide gluten free, vegan, and sugar free options.  The Professor can even develop a custom flavor just for you.  Want a peach cake with a chardonnay filling and white chocolate chardonnay buttercream?  A banana chocolate chip cake with chocolate ganache? We can do it. 

A few of the many cake f
lavors available include:

wedding white
dark or milk chocolate
key lime*
butter pecan
salted caramel
red velvet
raspberry lemonade
pink velvet (vanilla with just a hint of strawberry cheesecake)
english lemon curd
orange blossom*
cookies and cream*
butter and bacon*

Wine and Spirits infused cakes and cupcakes

pink champagne*
chunky pina colada*
spiced malibu rum*
merlot chocolate
appletini swiss buttercream*

and others you can dream up!

Some of our fillings include:
vanilla cream
salted caramel

creme brûlée*
irish creme
orange blossom
english lemon curd
lime curd
white chocolate*

and more.
(some flavors and fillings are premium extra charge items, these are not available for tastings but you are welcomed to order a dozen cupcakes for $24.00)



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